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Cane Care and Warranty Information

Wood is a natural substance that reacts to extreme environmental changes in temperature and humidity. You should exercise reasonable care with your Cane. Keep it away from extreme heat and moisture. Keep it clean and wipe it down occasionally with a soft cloth and a furniture polish or cleaning product.
Most furniture products are either oil or wax based. Both types may have some silicon in them also.

An oil base polish will give a mellow glow to your Cane. It soaks into natural wood and polishes finished wood to a high gloss. I recommend oil based polish for my golden wood Canes.

A wax based polish covers the finish and dries to a moisture resistant coating that can be buffed to a high sheen. I recommend a wax based polish for my Rattan Canes.

What ever you decide, stick with the same type of product for your Cane. The two different types do not mix well and may give you a cloudy look.

Your Cane should last for years. Because it would be impossible to determine how you care for your Cane, we cannot issue a reasonable use warranty. We do however offer a Self Defense warranty.

Lifetime replacement of damaged or broken Cane under the following circumstances.
If you successfully defend yourself or your loved ones with a C DAVIS GROUP Cane, we will replace your Cane free of charge. You must provide a proof of purchase, a broken piece of wood from your Cane and a verifiable story of how you defended yourself with our Cane. We also would like a release to print your story in full or part. This offer assumes that you were not in the commission of a crime at the time of attack.

If you do not use your cane for support, you can leave the cane length as is.
If you use your Cane for balance and stability, you should custom fit to your height.

Standing erect with the elbow of the supporting hand slightly bent, your hand should rest on the top of the crook. Measure the distance from palm of hand to floor with a tape. Remove the rubber tip of Cane. Transfer the dimension to the Cane and cut the Cane as squarely as possible. Replace the rubber tip on the Cane with a dab of contact cement.
~ Ancient Dragon

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